Votivo on Soybeans

This was the first year we tested Votivo, a seed treatment designed to protect against Cyst Nematodes, on soybeans. We tested Votivo on RS223RR and RS210NR2. One has genetic Cyst resistance and one does not. We tested them by planting a treated … Continued

Sudden Death Syndrome

While 2011 was relatively quiet for Sudden Death Syndrome, it was not that way in 2010 hitting large areas of Iowa and parts of Illinois. This put it back on the radar as far as things to watch for. What is … Continued

Placement of Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ Varieties

Now that soybean harvest has wrapped up, we can assess what the Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM beans did variety by variety. Overall, the results have been very positive. Here is my take on the following beans. RS021R2 had strong performance … Continued

Ethanol – Hero or Villain?

Ethanol has been characterized as both a hero and a villain when talked about in the media. The truth is – it’s neither one. It falls in the middle. Unfortunately our media has lost its ability to present accurate facts … Continued