White Mold Fungicide

Over the years we have tested a lot of chemicals that claim to do a lot of wonderful things. Sadly we have been disappointed many times with these ‘wonder’ treatments and sprays. This year we tried Endura, a fungicide for … Continued

This Is Not Your Father’s Dicamba

As we wait for federal government approval of an over-the-top Dicamba for Xtend™ soybeans, it is important to remember that the spray, when released, is not generic old time chemistry. Both Monsanto and BASF are working on Dicamba that will … Continued

Hybrid Selection Advice

I often get asked, “Why does Renk offer so many corn hybrids?” And, “Why do I really need more than just your one best hybrid?” And finally, “This was the best hybrid in my plot this past year so why … Continued

Sudden Death Syndrome

Sudden Death Syndrome, or SDS as it is commonly called, is rearing its ugly head this year.  SDS is caused by Fusarium Solani, a fungus found in the soil. Normally it tends to be seen in the more southern areas … Continued

Wall of Fame

The 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days was held this past August at the Statz Farm, just 6 miles from the Renk Seed facility. During the 3-day event, Renk welcomed over 500 growers to our farm for a pancake breakfast and … Continued

Recommendations for Harvesting Down Corn

Recommendations for Harvesting Down Corn Install auto header height on your corn head. Flatten the corn head angle. If the corn is lodged “with the row”, steepen the corn head angle. Synchronize gathering chain speed to ground speed. Set the … Continued

New Tools for Better Farming

The idea of precision farming is not new. The application of precision techniques began in the late 80’s. Initially a small percentage of farms did adapt to this way of farming. A limiting factor was being dependent on weather predictions. … Continued

Rapid Corn Plant Health Deterioration of 2015

Any of us who travelled around the Midwest in the month of September saw a rapid change in the health of the corn crop.  It seemed that this change from green to brown happened faster and earlier than in previous … Continued

Value in Performance Trial Results

When looking at test plots everyone naturally looks at what was the highest yielding product in the plot. The question that should be asked is, “is it really?” Beyond raw genetics there are some key factors in determining yield in … Continued