Back to the Basics for Weed Control

The saying ‘all good things must come to an end’ is proving true for weed control in soybeans. Gone are the years of simply using Roundup to take care of everything (if they weren’t already for some acres). I confess … Continued

Saving Versus Earning for Seed Corn Inputs

I’m starting to get questions about costs this spring, which is not surprising given the recent COVID-19 effect on commodity prices. There are two significant components of the cost per acre equation: the number of trait technologies in the hybrid(s) … Continued

Benefits of Scouting Fields Before Planting Corn

Weeds can become a major problem in crop production when not controlled prior to planting. This is especially important in no-till systems. Weeds emerging in late summer through fall can overwinter and flower to set seed in the spring and … Continued