New Tools for Better Farming

The idea of precision farming is not new. The application of precision techniques began in the late 80’s. Initially a small percentage of farms did adapt to this way of farming. A limiting factor was being dependent on weather predictions. … Continued

Rapid Corn Plant Health Deterioration of 2015

Any of us who travelled around the Midwest in the month of September saw a rapid change in the health of the corn crop.  It seemed that this change from green to brown happened faster and earlier than in previous … Continued

Value in Performance Trial Results

When looking at test plots everyone naturally looks at what was the highest yielding product in the plot. The question that should be asked is, “is it really?” Beyond raw genetics there are some key factors in determining yield in … Continued

Finalizing Your Seed Corn Order for 2015

As you finalize your seed order for 2015, here are things to discuss with your seed representative. 1. Hybrid positioning is extremely important in maximizing yields. There is no perfect hybrid that performs at peak performance across all growing conditions. Each hybrid … Continued

Introduction to Big Data

There has been a lot of discussion this past season in the agriculture media about “big data” and precision farming. We now have the ability to collect and disseminate massive amounts of data from our farming operations. Can we look … Continued

Clariva™ Seed Treatment

This year we conducted side-by-side evaluations of an untreated variety against the same variety treated with Clariva™ to get a feel for its benefits. There have been a lot of new seed treatments out there so we evaluate them to … Continued

A Growing Story

The Renk family has been farming in America since arriving from Europe in 1846. We’ve seen the major revolutions in agriculture brought on by hybridization, breeding, fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, and now genetically modified traits. Throughout each wave of innovation, we … Continued

Seed Supply

In the maturities below 105 day, our total supply of seed corn is only slightly higher than the amount we sold last season. All but a couple of the available varieties in the early maturities were spoken for more than … Continued

Haylage Wins for Renk Customers

We are proud to announce that Renk Seed customer Chase Holshbach of Heatherstone Enterprises in Baraboo, Wisconsin won 5th place in the Grand Champion Dairy Haylage competition at the 2013 World Forage Analysis Superbowl. The World Forage Analysis Superbowl competition … Continued

Trait Changes

Syngenta traits have been in the farm press lately. That organization has struggled with approvals in China since the introduction of Viptera® (we call it BL in our product name). The trait is unique to Syngenta and brings control of … Continued