Renk Makes Commitment to Digital Ag Platform

Many of you have heard or read about the Climate FieldView platform. Some of you are already using it. Last year Renk Seed had 5 pilot projects with growers across the Midwest. It was a learning experience for all of … Continued

Conscientious Cost Cutting

Our best and most desirable products, likely our competitors’ as well, will always be the most expensive to plant. When margins were fatter, growers could afford to plant the best genetics and traits on all acres plus be rewarded with … Continued

Enlist™ Soybeans for 2019

Renk has been evaluating Enlist soybeans for several years. This technology has been tied up waiting for Chinese import approval. It is still on hold but the Chinese government has not asked for further data or testing, which should mean … Continued

What Happened to NemaStrike™?

BY DR. RICK BATTY The October issue of The Earfull contained an article that I wrote about NemaStrike. I pointed out that Renk would have a few corn and soybean varieties available with this new seed treatment. Within days of … Continued

Don’t Forget The Sulfur In Your Fertility Program

BY DR. RICK BATTY Sulfur is sometimes the forgotten element in a grower’s fertility program. Its deficiency often goes unnoticed until symptoms such as leaf striping, reduced plant growth, and delay in maturity show up in your corn or beans. … Continued

Early Planting

BY ALEX RENK It is common knowledge that planting early, for both corn and soybeans, should in most cases help improve yield. This fact came out in university research conducted decades ago. I was curious on how well this carried … Continued

Put Data to Work for You

BY ALEX RENK I’m getting old enough that I can legitimately say I have lived through most of the computer age, which is transitioning into the information age. I remember when our company used punch cards to run our 1960’s … Continued