Placement of Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ Varieties

Now that soybean harvest has wrapped up, we can assess what the Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM beans did variety by variety. Overall, the results have been very positive. Here is my take on the following beans.

RS021R2 had strong performance in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota. Looked good in Northern Wisconsin, but did not put up as strong of yields as I would have liked. RS061R2 mirrors the RS021R2 assessment.

RS140NR2 showed up huge in both this year and last. It is clearly in charge in Minnesota and the Dakota’s. It becomes more average in Eastern Wisconsin and Michigan.

RS141NR2 was selected for best on the market IDC, so it loves the hotspots in Minnesota were Iron Chlorisis is a problem. Otherwise, it trails the RS140NR2 by a little over one bushel.

RS161NR2. After putting up huge numbers the year before, RS161NR2 suffered in the very high yield environments of this year. This can be attributed to getting too tall and lodging in these unusually lush environments, causing a hit in yield. Its home will be on the more marginal or stressed soils were you should expect it to dominate. It also has a much stronger Eastern Wisconsin and Michigan presence then RS140NR2.

RS181NR2 is an earlier version of last year’s RS200NR2. Picked for Eastern Wisconsin and Michigan, it did not disappoint in those areas. Also showed up very strong in South Dakota.

RS210NR2 is another bean that showed up both this year and last. With a strong IDC rating, it is the clear replacement for the RS204NRR. Showed strong performance in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, except in the Southeast corner.

RS211NR2 had good East to West performance, but likes to stay within its maturity. Is a good companion for RS210NR2.

RS241R2 is the pick of the litter in the RR2Y camp. Although not strong on paper against diseases, it has shown dominance in both a White Mold year and a Sudden Death year. Its yield blew everything in the same maturity out of the water. In F.I.R.S.T and State Trials, it won top finishes in SD, IA, WI, IL and MI.  No report from MN as of this writing. Looks particularly strong when kept in its maturity or moved south.

RS261NR2 looks very exciting in the Eastern portions of our sales region – IL, Southern WI and MI. Western performance has not been exciting this year, but it was the prior year.

RS271NR2 did not show up strong this year under high yield/low stress conditions. Its strong disease package did not come into play to boost its standing as it had the prior year. It did like Southern WI and IA more than the RS261NR2.

RS290NR2. While it was clearly THE bean last year, it did not produce quite the same numbers this year. It was one of the rare late varieties that handled White Mold well last year, but without that stress it did not shine as strong. With that said, it is still dominant in Southern MI and IA. It would be dominant in IL, but RS261NR2 put up even bigger yields there.

RS311NR2 has a proven track record of high performance throughout IA and IL. I’m sure its excellent disease package has much to do with that.

RS331NR2 is the next level in yield for central IA and IL. Top results under the varied conditions of the last two years.

RS341NRR is another proven variety for central IA and IL. Excellent disease package to handle the worse stresses that can hit those regions.

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