Renk Makes Commitment to Digital Ag Platform

Many of you have heard or read about the Climate FieldView platform. Some of you are already using it. Last year Renk Seed had 5 pilot projects with growers across the Midwest. It was a learning experience for all of us, but those who used it wanted to continue using it. This year we are taking a larger step, even a leap, into this digital ag platform. Our goal this year is to get our entire sales force comfortable with selling it and using it on 30+ farms.

We have also gone so far as to hire a specialist that is dedicated to supporting our sales force in selling, implementing, setting up and using this tool to help growers maximize their return on every acre of their farming operation. Our Renk Climate Support Specialist will start the last week of May and we will introduce him at that time. We feel confident that with his support and training our growers will learn how to get the most out of it and will realize its value.

Here is a preview as to what Climate FieldView™ can do for you:

– Seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data

– Monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance

– Manage field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit

There are multiple options for easy data collection and it brings all your data into one secure place. It enables you to monitor your fields in real time from imagery maps to tracking planting and harvesting progress and results. Using the scouting option saves time by dropping pins as you encounter issues in your fields that need attention. Going back to these issues is now easy and quick using the scouting option. You can make every field a test plot using field analysis tools where you can compare critical data layers including yield data, soil maps, input application rates, seed populations, as well as any other variables you wish to analyze. You can use satellite imagery to see what is happening in your entire fields throughout the year, not just from the windshield.

We believe that Climate FieldView will help our growers in their decision-making process. To learn more about what a subscription to Climate FieldView can do for you, contact your Renk District Manager.