Hybrid Selection Advice

I often get asked, “Why does Renk offer so many corn hybrids?” And, “Why do I really need more than just your one best hybrid?” And finally, “This was the best hybrid in my plot this past year so why … Continued

Rapid Hybrid Turnover

In the past few years, we have seen our hybrid line-up change dramatically. Some growers are asking what happened when their best hybrid was phased out after only a few or in some cases, one to two years of sales. … Continued

Corn Yields: Can they go higher?

In the past 40 years, the national average for corn yield has increased by nearly 80 bu. per acre. Roughly half of that increase is due to changes in cultural practices such as better weed control, precision planters, increased plant … Continued

Refuge in the Bag

Refuge in the Bag (RiB) has received EPA approval. This new “spin” on the SmartStaxTM technology eliminates the hassle of purchasing and planting a structured refuge – the refuge is already in the bag! While not a new technology (the … Continued