Put Data to Work for You

BY ALEX RENK I’m getting old enough that I can legitimately say I have lived through most of the computer age, which is transitioning into the information age. I remember when our company used punch cards to run our 1960’s … Continued

Hybrid Selection Advice

I often get asked, “Why does Renk offer so many corn hybrids?” And, “Why do I really need more than just your one best hybrid?” And finally, “This was the best hybrid in my plot this past year so why … Continued

New Tools for Better Farming

The idea of precision farming is not new. The application of precision techniques began in the late 80’s. Initially a small percentage of farms did adapt to this way of farming. A limiting factor was being dependent on weather predictions. … Continued

Finalizing Your Seed Corn Order for 2015

As you finalize your seed order for 2015, here are things to discuss with your seed representative. 1. Hybrid positioning is extremely important in maximizing yields. There is no perfect hybrid that performs at peak performance across all growing conditions. Each hybrid … Continued