The Value of Being Independent in The Seed Business

A note from Alex Renk: In an uncharacteristic move for Renk Seed, we have decided to bring on several sales representatives and dealers from a competitor. We feel they will be a good fit with the philosophy of Renk Seed. Dr Rick Batty will be their sales supervisor within our company. We would like to welcome all the new dealers aboard with this move.

Sometimes we take certain things for granted and don’t stop to realize how important they are until they
are gone or someone points out how valuable they are. I wanted to take a few moments to discuss the value of independence in the seed business. You may not realize it, but Renk Seed Company is one of the few truly independent seed companies of its size in the industry. Many of the others have been bought out by larger organizations or dropped out of the industry. The independence that Renk has was a major factor when I decided to leave my current employer. It also helped that Jeff Renk and I go back 30 years to when we were in school together. I trust his judgment, his character, and his values. The reputation of the rest of the family and the company spoke for themselves as equally positive. The independence part, however, was what drew my interest and is what I will focus on today.

I am trained as a corn breeder and have spent my career developing and evaluating corn hybrids. I consider myself a stickler about performance. I am obsessed with farmers not only getting the best products available, but also with getting the information needed to position themselves in a way that maximizes their performance and minimizes their risk. As an independent, family-owned company, Renk has the ability and freedom to access the various genetic and technology suppliers, and to construct a product portfolio that is not filled with just one supplier’s offerings. Renk can offer the best of various programs, genetics, and technologies. More importantly, the portfolio is developed with growers’ needs as the top priority. Simply said, Renk can deliver a more diverse and stronger lineup from top to bottom than other seed companies. And since Renk has more choices, our growers have more choices to get the results they expect. It is so refreshing and energizing to be a part of that philosophy again.