This Is Not Your Father’s Dicamba

As we wait for federal government approval of an over-the-top Dicamba for Xtend™ soybeans, it is important to remember that the spray, when released, is not generic old time chemistry. Both Monsanto and BASF are working on Dicamba that will be labeled for Xtend™ soybeans. Both companies recognize the volatility and drift issues that occur with older generations of Dicamba and are coming out with new chemistries that address these issues. Just as Clarity™ was a huge step up from Banvel™ in terms of volatility, these new Dicamba formulations will further reduce volatility by a large factor.

With the coming of Xtend™ soybeans and Enlist™ soybeans (Roundup and 2,4-D resistant), spray management and keeping track of where everything is planted is going to become more important. By following the label as directed and using these new formulations, the risk of damage to adjacent sensitive crops should be negligible.


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