Votivo on Soybeans

This was the first year we tested Votivo, a seed treatment designed to protect against Cyst Nematodes, on soybeans. We tested Votivo on RS223RR and RS210NR2. One has genetic Cyst resistance and one does not. We tested them by planting a treated and an untreated sample of the same variety side by side in dealer test plots and recording yield at harvest.

RS210NR2, which has built-in Cyst protection, did not show any positive response from the Votivo. It only out-performed the untreated check 3 out of 8 plots. RS223RR, which has no genetic Cyst protection, did show a very strong response to Votivo. Votivo treated beans won 7 out of 9 plots, with an avg. of 1.9 bu/acre gain over the untreated. Encouraging is the fact that RS223RR did show yield response on soil with only marginal Cyst populations.  Those results make Votivo intriguing for non-Cyst resistant lines.

It is still early in the game for Votivo. Most of the plots were not on what I would call super-hot Cyst ground. Votivo’s effect on varieties with genetic resistance under heavy Cyst pressure has not been determined yet. The other unknown is how much Votivo is variety dependent, if at all.

Votivo treated soybeans showed a marked height difference over their untreated counterparts. It also seemed to add a few days to maturity. Votivo has shown enough response to justify a limited offering. We are offering it on the following varieties: RS282R2, RS241R2, RS223RR, RS222R2 and RS141R2.  The treatment package will include the following: Apron Maxx (fungicide), Poncho (insecticide), Optimize (inoculant) and Votivo.