Xtend™ Soybeans

This year Renk Seed is hoping to offer Xtend soybeans for sale. Xtend are the first stacked soybeans with resistance to roundup and Dicamba®.

In addition to offering another mode of action to control weeds, Dicamba also provides residual control of weeds for late flushes of weeds that may not be resistant to Roundup, but do tend to germinate after Roundup is sprayed. A good example is Waterhemp. Dicamba is also very effective on known Roundup resistance weeds such as Marestail, Waterhemp, and Palmer Amaranth to name a few.

There is still one regulatory hurdle yet to be cleared; Chinese approval for import. Until that approval comes, we are not able to sell Xtend soybeans.

We do have production in place, most of the products we are growing ourselves. We will have a full stable of products from group 0.4 to 3.8. The yields look exceptional on these products coming in as strong, and in some cases, stronger than our current lineup of RoundupReady2Yield™ soybeans. The delay in government approval has allowed the breeders to get several breeding cycles in, which will advance the initial offerings.

Both Monsanto and BASF will be offering a low volatility Dicamba to use with the Xtend soybean system. The spraying window is the same as the straight RoundupReady™ soybean system with anytime up through R1 growth phase.

October 2015 Earfull Newsletter
Written by Alex Renk

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