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Enlist™ Soybeans for 2019

Renk has been evaluating Enlist soybeans for several years. This technology has been tied up waiting for Chinese import approval.

It is still on hold but the Chinese government has not asked for further data or testing, which should mean that they are close to making a decision. The uncomfortable part is that it is stuck in a foreign country that has no qualms about using it as a bargaining chip to maintain their trade leverage.

If the Chinese do approve Enlist soybeans, Renk will have limited quantities available for the 2019 planting season. Our Enlist will have resistance to 2-4D, Glyphosate, and Glufosinate herbicides. This move is designed to provide our customers the option of using 2-4D and Liberty herbicide for weed control with far superior genetic performance compared to straight LibertyLink® soybeans.