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Recommendations for Harvesting Down Corn

Recommendations for Harvesting Down Corn

  • Install auto header height on your corn head.
  • Flatten the corn head angle.
  • If the corn is lodged “with the row”, steepen the corn head angle.
  • Synchronize gathering chain speed to ground speed.
  • Set the clearance between the tray and cross auger flighting at two inches for down corn.
  • Open stripper plates.
  • Use more taper from bottom to top on stripper plates.
  • Center the stripping tunnel above the stalk roll tunnel.
  • Synchronize gathering chain lugs to be opposed from one another.
  • Attach metal paddles onto every other gathering chain lug to increase the conveying capacity of the chain.
  • Install a corn reel.
  • Take off any end risers or tall corn extensions.
  • Remove rubber ear savers.
  • Add weight to poly divider snouts to help them stay under the canopy.
  • Grind the wear shoe tips of the dividers or shim to give more pitch to help them stay under the canopy.
  • Use stalk rolls with revolving windows.
  • Start harvesting on the downwind side of the field.
  • Turn gathering chains around to increase aggressiveness.

October 2015 Earfull Newsletter