What Happened to NemaStrike™?

BY DR. RICK BATTY The October issue of The Earfull contained an article that I wrote about NemaStrike. I pointed out that Renk would have a few corn and soybean varieties available with this new seed treatment. Within days of … Continued

Early Planting

BY ALEX RENK It is common knowledge that planting early, for both corn and soybeans, should in most cases help improve yield. This fact came out in university research conducted decades ago. I was curious on how well this carried … Continued

Put Data to Work for You

BY ALEX RENK I’m getting old enough that I can legitimately say I have lived through most of the computer age, which is transitioning into the information age. I remember when our company used punch cards to run our 1960’s … Continued

White Mold Fungicide

Over the years we have tested a lot of chemicals that claim to do a lot of wonderful things. Sadly we have been disappointed many times with these ‘wonder’ treatments and sprays. This year we tried Endura, a fungicide for … Continued

Wall of Fame

The 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days was held this past August at the Statz Farm, just 6 miles from the Renk Seed facility. During the 3-day event, Renk welcomed over 500 growers to our farm for a pancake breakfast and … Continued

Value in Performance Trial Results

When looking at test plots everyone naturally looks at what was the highest yielding product in the plot. The question that should be asked is, “is it really?” Beyond raw genetics there are some key factors in determining yield in … Continued

Seed Supply

In the maturities below 105 day, our total supply of seed corn is only slightly higher than the amount we sold last season. All but a couple of the available varieties in the early maturities were spoken for more than … Continued

Chemical Giants Merge

There have been several significant announcements in the last quarter of the year in our industry. None of them involved a new technology. All were announcements by large competitors that they were downsizing, rightsizing, or potentially quitting the seed business. … Continued

Stalk Lodging

For a corn plant to remain healthy and free of stalk rot, the plant must produce enough carbohydrates by photosynthesis to keep root cells and pith cells in the stalk alive and enough to meet demands for grain fill. When … Continued