Agriculture has changed a lot in the last 150 years. Today, delivering results is a technology-intensive operation. Renk Seed actively invests in technology to keep our products a step ahead of competitors.

It all starts with having the best genetics. Renk Seed has been breeding corn since the 1960s, so we thoroughly understand the breeding process. Every year we evaluate 80,000+ data points from our own breeding material, as well as the breeding material of our strategic partners. We plant plots throughout the Midwest and Great Plains to expose our genetics to many different environments. This helps us select the best products and ensure that when you plant Renk Seed, you will be getting the most effective and stable performance.

But this is far from the whole story when it comes to genetics. We devote well over $25,000,000 each year to support DNA level breeding and new trait development. Our research spending has resulted in numerous insect-resistant, herbicide-tolerant and drought-tolerant traits joining the Renk Seed lineup.

Adding new products to our lineup is not the end of this process. We continue to test them in independent dealer, F.I.R.S.T. and state extension trials to verify that they are the best products on the market. We feed these test plots into our proprietary database so we can quickly compare our products in different geographies, soil conditions, yield levels and planting dates. This database also allows us to compare our products against products from competitors.

It’s important to note that our technology-first approach does not stop there. We have two state-of-the- art processing plants to handle our seed. In these plants we utilize the latest innovations to clean the seed, ensure the highest germination rates and deliver you a quality product. We use machines that sort by color, density, width and length. We have custom-built treaters that apply the precise amount of treatment. We also employ several robots to stack bags on pallets and hang bags for filling.

To continue adding value for our customers, we have teamed up with The Climate Corporation. We can help you use their industry-leading satellite data and weather tracking technology at the field level to make your farm more productive.

We may be a technology-first company, but our roots in agriculture run deep. Renk Seed has been in the industry for 175 years, with seed being our focus since the 1920s. We are still family owned and operated by the Renk family and proud to be serving the American farmer. We take great pride in our dealer network, who you can rely on to give you the support you need.


From Research to Results,

Alex Renk