With farming, there are factors out of our control, such as exposure to the elements. Being in agriculture, it’s in our nature to expect the unexpected. But by choosing Renk Seed, you can be sure to “expect the expected” when it comes to our products and services. Because of our proven track record of excellence, there are certain things our customers have come to expect from Renk Seed:


·      The highest performing genetics on the market. We consistently demonstrate our superior performance every year with thousands of top finishes in the F.I.R.S.T. and state trials. We dedicate substantial resources in developing superior genetics.


·      Performance in all environments. We screen all of our products to ensure they contain the proper disease resistances and are able to thrive in a number of weather conditions. Our varieties are designed to be resilient to the challenges Mother Nature has in store.


·      Only the highest quality seed. We implement strict quality control measures in our processing plants. The vast majority of our seed is run through complex equipment in our two state-of-the-art facilities.


·      Best in customer support. Our local dealers are invested in you and your success. Building a relationship is more important than simply making a sale. They are knowledgeable experts that will help match the right products to your needs, working diligently with you to make the entire process as smooth as possible. 


·      The proper technologies. We support technology traits that will work best for you, not those that are most profitable to us. Renk Seed will always provide an unbiased assessment of which technologies you should use to achieve the best results.


·      Strong family values. We know our people almost as well as our products. We are still family run and owned, with our roots going way back to 1846. Seed is our one and only business and we’ve been working to perfect it ever since. 



While it’s been established that you can expect an unparalleled product lineup, innovation in technology, and superior customer service from Renk Seed, you can also count on us to consistently exceed those expectations. That’s why so many customers have grown to expect the expected from Renk Seed.